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You’ll need a criminal record to work in certain areas where security is important. When you’re working through Zenjob, that might mean a shelter run by Malteser International, being a helper at refugee accommodation run by Johanniter International, a working student at hello.de carrying out online identity checks or a working student at kfzteile24 selling spare car parts and repair services.

When you start a job, it’s normally enough to present your application for your Criminal Record.

Send us an email to: [email protected] with the subject line "Führungszeugnis".

Still have questions?

Once you have received the criminal record, please upload it here and always take it with you on your shift.

If you have citizenship of one or several other EU countries or the UK, in addition to or instead of German citizenship, you’ll need to apply for a European Criminal Record. Alongside the German Criminal Record this includes details of entries in your criminal record in your home country.

The application for a European Criminal Record is carried out in a similar way to what’s described above and occurs automatically when you disclose citizenship of one or more countries other than Germany.

This service can take up to four weeks.

An “extended” Criminal Record is issued when stipulated by legal provisions, or if the Criminal Record is required for the professional supervision, care, raising or training of minors, or for an activity that includes similar contact with minors.

When applying for the “extended” Criminal Record, a document drafted by Zenjob should be enclosed requesting the application and confirming that the requirements for issuing a Criminal Record have been met.

Working with a Criminal Record

For some jobs you’ll need a Criminal Record, while for others you’ll need an “extended” Criminal Record.

If you already have a Criminal Record that’s dated no more than three months ago, you can upload it here:

How to obtain your Criminal Record


You can also apply for an up-to-date Criminal Record for €13. Processing doesn’t normally take longer than two weeks.

How to obtain your Criminal Record:

How to obtain your Criminal Record